We put a team of professionals at your disposal, suitable and secure premises and modern working tools to ensure quality and rapidity of execution in designing specific and customised packaging for your works of art, pieces of furniture or any valuable object.

First and foremost, we aim to ensure the optimal protection and security of your shipments and provide a positive image of your company.

The ESI offer is addressed to:

Galleries, Dealers, Museums and Individuals who need to transport often fragile and expensive artworks and objects

  • Wooden box packaging / Securing / Buffering / Flight cases / Maximum Protection
  • Options using castors, swivel mechanisms, vents, secure fasteners, handles, hinges


Storage of artworks

ESI offers modern, functional premises, designed for the storage of works of art: standard storage of artworks or air-conditioned spaces available.

Our extensive storage space (5000 m2) allows us to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Located in the Ile de France and PACA regions (Antibes), our storage facilities are close to main exhibition sites, museums and art galleries, as well as CDG and Nice airports.


  • Individual or consolidated areas.
  • Units with controlled temperatures for artworks
  • “Bonded”areas for equipment or artworks in transit
  • Premises adjacent to our offices, allowing our staff to monitor arrivals and departures in real time
  • Premises connected with the CTM system
  • Rias
  • Smoke Detectors
  • 24hr safety monitoring
  • Heating
  • Remote monitoring
  • Bonded storage area
  • Dedicated and partitioned customer area
  • Reception area
  • Loading dock
  • Walk-in door
  • Handling methods adapted to any type of service
  • Weighing equipment