Paintings, sculptures, collectibles, photos, furniture and design objects, antiques, artworks, fashion collections, etc. are carefully transported to any destination and for any type of event.
Our team provides a customised service, tailored to your specifications and the technical requirements and constraints of museums and historic buildings.

Our experience in the shipping of artworks and valuables combined with our knowledge of international regulations, means we are able to provide optimal security for shipments.
In addition, we work with a network of partners specialised in the transportation of artworks.

These carriers, freight forwarders and experienced handlers are our trusted partners in destination countries and ensure final delivery of the works to destination museums.

Our services

  • “Go and see”, to check the nature of works, confirming their weight and size and the arrangements for handling
  • Define needs and constraints in terms of protection and packaging of works
  • Assess any challenges related to the transport of works: possible routes; need for an escort (or not)
  • Carry out mandatory “Fine Arts” procedures prior to customs clearance, in accordance with regulations for the dispatch of artworks
  • Coordinate all operations – from “Go and see” to removal, from planning to the completion of shipments and final delivery
  • Manage and optimise costs with appropriate solutions

Our know-how and rigour are recognized by many players in the art market and art exhibitions.

In recent months, we have made shipments of artworks for major events.