We have developed door-to-door logistics solutions for artists, gallery owners and collectors, all the way down to the delivery and installation of works at places of presentation, in France and abroad.

From the collection address to installation at the exhibition site, your works are handled with great care: “white glove” handling from departure to arrival, air suspension transportation, storage of artworks in temperature controlled warehouses, custom packaging, experienced and qualified staff.

We strive to ensure delivery of works and antiques in optimal conditions.

For international shipments, we rely on our network of specialised agents to carry out customs paperwork, transfers to exhibition sites, final deliveries, unpacking and handling of works and installation on stands.

Our services:

  • Visit your premises for detailed inventory
  • Customised packaging of artworks
  • Support in drawing up shipping and export documents
  • Export paperwork, temporary or permanent (procedures specific to artworks and antiques, CITES etc.)
  • Intermediate storage in our warehouses (bonded areas – thermal regulation)
  • National or international shipping according to your needs (land, sea, air)
  • Import paperwork in the destination country, using our network of specialised agents
  • Post-shipment at the exhibition site
  • Unpacking and hanging of artworks; “white glove” services
  • Taking down and packing artworks; “white glove” services
  • Recovery of crates and packing used for temporary storage of artworks
  • Wall to wall insurance
  • Return of works to you, or post-shipment to your buyer (any destination)