We have a wide range of “white glove” services for art dealers and gallery owners.
Artworks and objets d’art are by nature valuable and rare. We do everything to ensure shipments are made under optimal safety conditions, in full confidentiality, and within required delivery times: custom packaging, temperature controlled warehousing, air suspension vehicle transportation, “door to door” delivery by experienced teams.

At each stage of the supply chain, your artworks will be handled and shipped with the utmost care.
Our work begins with a detailed study of the works to be shipped: type (paintings, sculptures, photos, installations, decorative art objects, pieces of furniture, etc.), characteristics in terms of weight and dimensions, handling and transport requirements, type of protection and packaging needed, final destination, applicable export paperwork.

We work with you to set up the right logistics solutions in keeping with your instructions and requirements.

Our services

  • Visit the exhibition space or place of storage of works for detailed inventory
  • Customised packaging of artworks
  • Export and customs paperwork (specific procedures for artworks and antiques, CITES etc.)
  • National or international shipping according to your needs (land, sea, air)
  • Import paperwork in the country of destination, using our network of specialised agents
  • Unpacking and packing on site
  • Hanging
  • Post-shipment at the final delivery (individual homes, businesses, restorer’s, exhibitions)
  • Recovery of crates and packing used for artworks
  • Wall to wall insurance